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Fire Pit Table Sets You'll Love in 2021

If you're adding to your outdoor space, it's hard to go wrong with a fire pit table set as a centerpiece for your patio furniture. Whether you're planning to use it as a sitting area or as an outdoor dining space, a fire pit table set offers ambiance, comforting heat, and stylish design to tie your furniture together. 

Choosing A Fire Pit Dining Table

Before we go over some of the premium options on the market in 2021, it's critical that we cover the important considerations you need to keep in mind as you're shopping for a fire pit set.

The first is safety: Every product we suggest is CSA for use during most fire bans. If you're shopping around outside of the products on this list, CSA approval is critical to a safe and enjoyable experience.

Beyond safety, the main things to keep in mind are the size of your space, how vital heat is to you, and how much space on the table you'd like dedicated to dining.

Depending on the table you invest it, you can have a dining table with a fire pit in the middle, or something closer to a tabletop fire pit. Generally, this will be based on the shape of the fire table, with rectangular fire pit table sets having more 'tablespace' than a square fire pit table. 

Using a Fire Pit Dining Table Set

If you want to have a fire pit table at the center of your outdoor space, it's essential to choose one that works with your existing furniture or to build your furniture sets around the fire table if you don't already have seating on the patio.

Part of the reason that this is so critical is that fire pit tables are going to be the centerpiece of the outdoor space, and their unique ambiance will shape how that space is used. This means that you will need to consider how much extra seats you want to be able to fit around a fire table to ensure there is ample seating for your guests, how intimate you want the space to be, and, of course, the aesthetics of matching your furniture to the fire pit table you use. 

No matter which fire pit table you purchase, if you're planning on using it for dining, we'd suggest buying a glass wind guard on top of making your fire more weather resistant. Wind guards also offer a degree of separation between food, drinks and the fire itself, which helps keep cold drinks cold and establish the area around the tabletop fire pit as a separate dining area as opposed to a border around the fire. 

The Best Fire Pit Table Set for You in 2021 

The Advantages of a Rectangular Fire Pit Table Set

  • More dining space relative to the tabletop fire pit
  • Easily accommodates a traditional 6 seated dining setup
  • Models tend to be larger

The Advantages of a Square Fire Pit Table Set 

  • Table space is evenly distributed over all 4 sides
  • Tends to provide more heat per person 
  • Fits easily into smaller spaces

Before we go over the models you should look into for 2021. Every model on this list has the following features. 

  1. CSA Approval for use using most fire bans.
  2. Internal propane tank holder.
  3. Purchasable natural gas conversion kits. 
  4. Heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel construction.
  5. Included fire glass. 

Model 1: The Series #403 Rectangular Fire Table

Measuring 44" long by 32" wide the Series 403 Rectangular Fire Table is available in Slate Grey or Espresso Brown to easily match your outdoor space. When looking at purchasing a rectangular fire table from the #403 series, it's critical to consider how it will fit your patio set. As was mentioned above, the rectangular fire tables have more proper table space relative to the fire pit, giving you more room for dining. If you're looking to have more than four people using the table as a dining table at a time, the rectangular table is going to be the best option for you. 

Due to the heavy-duty construction, the #403 series fire table is just over 90lbs without propane inside. This is something you should keep in mind if you're looking to move it often, or if you live in an area with lots of inclement weather. During rainstorms or freezing temperatures, it's good to bring your fire table inside.  If you cannot bring it inside during every storm, a cover will help. This is a consideration for both squares are rectangular fire tables, but seeing as the #403 series is heavier than it's square sister, planning for how you will move it around it more important. 

Finally, the last big difference between the square and rectangular models from Outland Living is the fact that the larger fire of the #403 provides more heat. The #403 emits 50,000BTU/HR on the highest setting with a standard 20lb propane tank. This is a lot of heat that will keep you comfortable around the fire in most circumstances. If you're worried about your patio space being too cold during the fall and winter, the #403 will be a great solution. 

Model 2: The Series #410 Square Fire Table

Measuring  36" by 36", the series #410 square fire table is available in Grey or Brown. As we mentioned above, the primary consideration when buying the #410 is going to be how much seating you need and how much space you have on the patio. If you are looking to have seating for four, the series #410 will offer each person more space and be a more intimate experience than a rectangular table would. The #410 table is also somewhat lighter. No well-built fire table will be light, but the #410 is almost 15lbs more lightweight than the rectangular model, which makes moving it considerably more manageable. 

The #410 series is the better option for patios that are looking to have a smaller intimate setting. If your average gathering will have four people, then a square fire table is going to be a great option for you. 

Though, as we mentioned, #403 is slightly warmer overall at 50,000BTU/HR. The #410 series fire table offers 42,500BTU/HR using the same propane, meaning that it is only slightly cooler. The series #403 is still better for absolute heat, but the #410 is far from leaving you in the cold. 

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